15 Videogames sequels for 2016

15 Videogames sequels for 2016

Do you need new challenges for 2016? We are pretty sure that you have plenty of energy to never stop playing video games. That’s why we prepared a long list of videogames that will be premiered during 2016. There are many sequels of games that have already succeeded before in the different platforms. Do you think you could play all of them before 2016 ends? We challenge you!

1.Crackdown 3

Release date: Not available

The third installment of this game exclusive for Xbox fans, come to the third-person shooter mixed with doses of action and adventure.


2.Dark Souls III

Release date: March 24

According to the studio that created these games, this could be the last videogame in the series.


3: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Release date: March 18

PS4 players have been waiting the arrival of this adventure since November 2013, when the first trailer of the game was launched.

4.Dishonored 2

Release date: Not available

This sequel offers the option to play or not stealthily, as well as to finish the game without killing anyone.


5.Divinity: Original Sin II

Release date: December

Today some games like this one have being financed with a crow-funding platform.



Release date: Spring (Fall in the southern hemisphere)

The reboot of this first-person shooter will be available for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


7.Far Cry 5 Primal

Date: February 23

Will you achieve to be the first human being to dominate the wild beasts and conquer Oros? This could be a very interesting historic game.


8.Final Fantasy XV

Release date: Not available

This classic of the ARPG genre returns after its name changed. Previously it was called “Final Fantasy Versus “.


9.Halo Wars 2

Fecha de salida: Otoño 2016 (primavera hemisferio sur)

Este juego publicado por Microsoft, tendrá solamente versiones para sus sistemas operativos: Xbox One y Windows 10.



Release date: March 11

The action-adventure will be sixth part of this saga, which is itself a prequel of the previous ones.


11.Homefront: The Revolution

Release date: May

The game is set in 2029 two years after previous Homefront had finished, and four years after US invasion by the Great Republic of Korea.


12. Mafia III III

Release date: Not available
The location of this new release changes to New Orleans in 1968, where Lincoln Clay, a veteran of the Vietnam War seeks revenge for the death of his friends.


13.Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Release date: February 23

EA brings back this title, in which we take control of plants or zombies.


14.Street Fighter V

Release date: February 16

When we think of a fighting game, this legendary saga that has lasted several decades accompanying gamers always comes to mind.

15.The Legend of Zelda

Release date: October

The franchise that links Nintendo with Links, comes back in Wii U.


Will you have enough time to play them all in just one year? Good luck with the challenge!