14 Street Art Instagrammers that you should follow

14 Street Art Instagrammers that you should follow

Street art is alive and in a constant evolution all around the world. Thanks to new technologies, and especially to smartphones, sharing these pieces of art is easier than ever. We can take a picture and send it in a second to the entire planet!

As we know that many graffiti fans are completely connected to their phones, we have prepared a list of the top 14 Graffiti Instagrammers that you MUST start following!

1. sofles

Sofles graffiti show a very particular look with a special predilection for the female gender. Absolutely amazing!

Un vídeo publicado por @sofles el

2. vanstheomega

The murals of Vansthemega are generally clean, with some psychedelic color ranges, and with great narrative force. Each mural shows up the artist’s great personality.

Una foto publicada por @vanstheomega el

3. wish4ces

The mixture between the shapes of postmodern typographies, along with references to pop culture, has managed to attract a legion of fans and social media followers.

Un vídeo publicado por CESISM TUFFCITY (@wish4ces) el

4. allchrome

With more than 53,000 followers on Instagram, allchrome is urban art in its purest form. And what’s even better, they have their own own website. 

  Una foto publicada por @allchrome el

5. smugone

The hyperrealism created by Smugone drawings contrast with the lighting of unrealistic colors. This differentiates Smugone from any other street artist.

  Una foto publicada por @smugone el

6. christianguemy

Christian Guemy is a Parisian artist of great success, who has made masterpieces from people’s faces.

Una foto publicada por C215 (@christianguemy) el

7. banksy

This mysterious and famous British artist and activist is well known all over the world. Instagram is his only official account on social media.

Una foto publicada por Banksy (@banksy) el

8. belin_one

This Spanish street artist has exhibited his creations all over the world. Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Holland, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, United States, and Spain are some of them.

  Una foto publicada por Belin (@belin_one) el

 9. sainer_etam

Another great exponent of urban art is Sainer_etam. On his murals he shows different textures, combined with a chromatic range, which make his compositions easily recognizable.

  Una foto publicada por @sainer_etam el

10. jerseyjoeism

He doesn’t consider himself as an artist, nor a street artist even. He defines graffiti as a truly complicated sport played outside with interaction and passion.

Una foto publicada por @jerseyjoeism el

11. tizerid

Tizerid’s grotesque and retro cartoons are his trademarks. He is based in the United Kingdom, and has a huge impact in British audience.

Una foto publicada por @tizerid el

12. graffitilondon

Graffittilondon puts together the most shocking graffiti in London, one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

  Una foto publicada por @deadman_jones el

 13. furiously_reks

The signature of this street artist is represented by quirky cartoons of a young man with his mouth open. Australia is its territory.

  Una foto publicada por @furiously_reks el

14. graffiti_cl

This account isn’t dedicated to an artist in particular neither, but to the graffiti movement itself in Chile.

Una foto publicada por Graffiti Chileno (@graffiti_cl) el