Tips to have the PERFECT weekend

Tips to have the PERFECT weekend

For some people there is not such thing as the perfect weekend. For others, all weekends are wonderful and perfect. Weekends can be the best time do some special activities (for those who are fortunate enough to not work these days), and we have to make them memorable!

The best advice we can give, which will not be included in this list, is to ENJOY LIFE! And knowing what one likes is the most important thing to make the most of every minute. Resting on a sofa to recharge the batteries, eating with your in-laws, cleaning the parrot’s cage could be (or not) something fun to do! The key is to be true to ourselves. MAKE EVERY WEEKEND SPECIAL!

1. Practice sports

Sports are good for your body, and also for your mind. They help to set priorities, clear your head and, helping us to make better decisions, and set priorities. Remember, a healthy mind equals a healthy body.


2. Meet friends

Having an active social life is almost as healthy as doing sports. Meeting with other people, drink a DARK DOG (or two), or go for a walk or to an event, can be very fun! Anything that helps you laugh is always good. Share with those you love the most your best anecdotes, but also those embarrassing moments you lived long time ago, but you will never forget.


3. Become a legendary gamer

Use your spare time to make some progress on all video games you love. You’ll probably be many hours in front of your screen. If you feel tired, remember there is a wonderful solution for staying awake and alert for longer. A hint? It is stored inside yellow cans with a black dog at the front.


4. Increase your cultural horizons

Human beings are the animals on the surface of the planet able to think and create the most amazing things. Investing some of your time to visit exhibitions of urban art, or live graffiti creations is a great idea to spend the weekend! And if you feel inspired, you can also create your own artworks. Show the world your artistic talent!


5. Dance and sing like there’s no tomorrow

Listening to music is one of the few activities capable to release thousand of hormones and generate a lot of satisfaction. Go dancing. Sing in a karaoke, or practice both with your Xbox and PlayStation. It doesn’t matter! Let your body go as you enjoy to the rhythm of your favorite tunes.


6. Read a lot

Reading, like you are doing right now is one of the most intense hobbies you can have. You can choose to read novels, tutorials, newspapers, anything is valid! From DARK DOG we suggest you to read the “Canman Comic”, which is available for free at Canman’s website.


7. Show what a big fan you are

Everyone has a passion for something. Whether it is for your football team, your favorite biker, or for Joey Montana, you should show it to the world! You can use a flag, scarf or even make a tattoo of your beloved star. Enjoy your hobbies and let the world know about what you love the most!


And you, what advice would you give to have the perfect weekend?