How to combat dehydration

How to combat dehydration

While you are reading this article, you may have the enemy closer than you think. If you look sideways or behind you, you will not find it, but it is there, ready to act, and it is very dangerous. I’m talking about thirst.

Maybe the question seems obvious but, did you know that when you are thirsty you are dehydrated? Hydration plays a fundamental role in the body. Water is the most abundant component in our body, it is essential, we are 70% water! You can spend several weeks without eating, but only a few days without drinking. Water has several functions in our body, this is the most important of them:

Corporal temperature regulation

We drink water through drinks, food and other sources, all that amount of water must cover daily losses through the source and sweat. Our body must eliminate all that great amount of water so that there is no increase in body temperature, which would be fatal to our health. You should resort to, for example, sweating, which is a mechanism to cool the body.

But what is dehydration?

It is the loss of body fluid due to sweating throughout a physical exercise without sufficient replenishment. Dehydration has a negative impact on health and our physical performance.

So what is thirst?

The sensation of thirst is a warning signal that emits our body. You do not have to get to this end, you have to drink liquids before that happens. Thirst is nothing more than a warning sign that indicates in a late manner that we have lost too much body water and that we are facing a possible dehydration.

Thirst is a warning sign that indicates in a late manner that we have lost too much body water. Correct guidelines should be developed to combat dehydration during our daily lives.

5 golden rules to combat dehydration

1. Drink before thirst appears. Drink water, infusions, juices, broths, tea, coffee, energy drink etc …

2. Drink often, but lower volume of intake.

3. One hour before physical exercise, it is advisable to drink half a liter of fresh water

4. And during the physical activity it is recommended to drink every 15 -20 mins.

5. Watch the color of your urine, the clearer and more transparent, the better hydrated you are.