5 best cities for skateboarding in the world

5 best cities for skateboarding in the world


The Catalan capital has been the world’s skateboard Mecca since the late ’90s. The city is full of many iconic spots but there is one that is very special for all the skaters, MACBA, or the square in front of this contemporary museum. Barcelona remains a crown jewel on any skateboarder’s travel list.

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The birthplace of modern skateboarding. Home of many pros and many skate companies. From Venice Beach to Downtown. LA is the heart of skate culture and it has been its image for decades.



If you look at San Francisco a little differently, you’ll start to see skateboarding spots everywhere. Its images have made big splashes in skate magazines and videos since the early ’90s, and the city’s home to several legendary skate spots such Pier Seven or EMB.



Paris is mostly known for being the City of Lights, but now it’s also fitting that it is of the the best cities to skate in the world. The stunning marble that the ccity has been sculpted from makes the city perfect for skateboarding. Bercy and La Défense are both two of its more famous spots. Essential for any skateboarder visiting Europe.



In China is flourishing an impressive skate scene, it’s a revolution. And Shenzhen, Hong Kong’s little brother (well, not very little, 10 million inhabitants), is China’s skate capital, a must-go destination for any skater. If you have the chance to go, don’t hesitate to visit the Deng Xiaopeng Plaza and Tao Yuan Ju.