The story behind CrossFit

The story behind CrossFit

If you’ve started reading this article, you may already know what CrossFit is, even you may already practice it, surely you’ve been hearing about it and perhaps you’ve seen some videos or photos of some beast like Felipe Maturana and want Learn more about this sport discipline that already gathers 12,000 gyms around the world that follow their method.

Crossfit has become for many people more than just a sport, a way of life. But, what is the origin of all this? Where did it start? Who is the brain behind this methode?

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First of all, let’s make clear what CrossFit is. Without going into detail, it could be said that it is a combination of very demanding physical exercises performed at high intensity: gymnastics, weightlifting, running, swimming etc that are performed in a box, this is how CrossFit gyms are called. Each year there are several competitions where participants must complete a circuit of exercises that they do not know before starting, and where they must put their body to the limit. Only athletes with a great physical preparation can compete with chances of success.

Let’s go to the origin. In the 1970s, a young gymnast named Greg Glassman realized that the training of bodybuilders and other athletes in the gym was not efficient, thereafter he began to reflect on how he could improve that. He decided to dispense with the classic gymnastics machines, and design a total workout, which would unite strength, speed and agility.

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It was not until 1995 that he was able to put into practice what he had already been doing in the first CrossFit box that existed, the parking of his house. The Santa Cruz police department (California) hired him to train his cops, and his method spread like gunpowder among police departments throughout the Golden State, they saw his methode prepare them for any eventuality at work.

That same year, Greg Glassman opened his first CrossFit gym with the help of his wife. But it is not until 2001 that he publishes a website where he shares his methods, and that would be the definitive takeoff of what is today the CrossFit, a community of people in continuous growth all over the world that has even its own annual Olympics Games, held at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles. World phenomenon.

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