The most breathtaking natural wonders of the planet

The most breathtaking natural wonders of the planet

Nature is the greatest artist that exists, these are some of its most imposing, fantastic and beautiful masterpieces.

Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States

As if they were the ruins of a civilization of the past, the imposing Bryce Canyon is not really a canyon, its strange shape that was the erosion by wind, water and ice.

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The Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

It’s the largest salt desert in the world and when it is covered with water it also becomes the largest mirror on the planet. With an extension of more than 10,000 square kilometers, the Salar de Uyuni is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Latin America.

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Moeraki’s Stone, New Zealand

They look like dinosaur eggs but they are just rocks up to 7 tons in weight. They have something in common with the dinosaurs, their formation occurred when they were still the kings of the planet 65 million years ago.

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Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland, UK

Legend says it was formed after a fight between giants, the science says that is just the result of volcanic collisions, which burned and then cooled.


The clay sea of ​​Dead Vlei, Namibia

This spectacular tree graveyard is located in the longest desert has lived on earth. Of the vestiges of this old lake that dried up a millennium ago, this beautiful landscape of white soil, dunes and tree skeletons remains.

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The Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA

The walls of this small but beautiful canyon in the middle of the Arizona desert are filled with magic. The name comes from the ancient abundance of members of this species in the area. These sinuous and spectacular forms have been given the passage of streams of water for thousands of years. The result is simply beautiful.


The Gate to Hell of the Darvaza Desert, Turkmenistan

The name makes completely sense if you see it, the door to hell. This 20-meter-deep crater has been lit for more than 40 years, the Soviets lit the wick when conducting a geological survey of the area. A strange and spectacular place that burns to more than 1000 Cº of temperature.


The colorful mountains of Zhangye Danxia, ​​China

This magnificent rock formation of colors is one of the most incredible works of nature. A rainbow-mountain formed by deposits of minerals of different pigmentation during 24 million years.


The rose Lake, Australia

Located on Middle Island, a tiny island in southern Australia. The Hiller lake has not added any additives and it is not either the result of pollution, its color is totally natural and is due to the growth of micro-salt algae that inhabit inside.


Fingal’s cave, Scotland

It seems out of the landscape of a science fiction movie. It is on the island of Staffa, Stafi-oy in Norse, which means “Island of the Columns”, does not explain why vikings gave that name if you see the photo. This incredible masterpiece of nature is reminiscent of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.


Great Blue Hole, Belize

A perfect circle with turquoise edges that houses a hole 123 meters deep. Rewminds the Stargate interspacial door. Today it is a place of pilgrimage for scuba diving lovers.


Fly Geyser Fly of Nevada, United States

This coloured wonder although it is true that it counted at the beginning with the help of some Nevada farmers who were looking for water in the desert, the hard work was done by the nature itself, sculpting these strange conical forms with the Calcium carbonate the water that shot the earth into the sky contained.


The rhinoceros of Hvitserkur, Iceland

This curious rock formation seems to have been shaped by people to give it rhinoceros or elephant shape, the reality is that man did not intervene in this sculpture. Volcanic magma, water and wind was all that was needed to sculpt this inspiring rock of northern Iceland.


Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

Even the best interior designer could not create such a beauty. These caves are underground, inside nature gives us a spectacular show of lights and remains.


The white waterfall of Pamukkale, Turkey

It looks like snow, or even clouds, but you would never say that it is a 160-meter mountain of calcium carbonate in southwestern Turkey. Beautiful.


Chocolate Hills, Philippines

This natural monument of the island of Bohol in the Philippines surrounds him a legend, a fight between giants, like the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. There are more than 1000 hills in a space of about 50 square kilometers. The name comes from the chocolate brown color that inks the hills in the dry season.


“Avatar” natural park in Zhangjiajie, China

These stunning mountains were the inspiration of James Cameron for the planet Pandora in his movie Avatar. However, these floating mountains are not the result of special effects, they are real and they are part of one of the most famous postcards of the Asian giant. Breathtaking.