Interview with Adolfo Almarza after the RBValparaiso Cerro Abajo 2017

Interview with Adolfo Almarza after the RBValparaiso Cerro Abajo 2017

Valparaiso, a coastal city in Central Chile, now a World Heritage Site and Chile’s largest port, attractive in Tourism for its colorful hills, ancient buildings and great beauty. last Sunday 19 became a beautiful Urban Downhill Track to welcome 39 brave rides in one of the most difficult races in the world.

Photo: Rodrigo Morales –

Again our pilot Adolfo Almarza (CHI) was invited to participate in this event, this time he was in charge of opening a clue and demonstrate that there are “No Limits in Life”, a message that himself reaffirmed to those who saw him descending and jumping through different sections and obstacles of the track.

The track of almost 2km of demanding and of great technique, where the Czech Tomas Slavik was crowned Champion of the Chilean Contest, with 2:38 sec, followed by Britanico Bernard Kerr and in 3rd Place the Chilean Pedro Ferreira.

We talked with Adolfo and asked him a few questions about the event:

Photo: Rodrigo Morales –

What is Valparaíso Cerro Abajo for you?

The VCA for me, is one of the most beautiful races in which I participate, it is the maximum madness, many people, big jumps, impressive, coupled with the beautiful landscape full of colors and the sea.

What do you like most about the race?

I like everything, the difficulty varies from year to year and one can not try the track before, every year is different, we only try the track the same day, which gives a touch of a lot of adrenaline to all who participate.

Photo: Rodrigo Morales –

How did you feel in the race?

This year I felt very comfortable, I started a new bicycle, Pivot Cycles brand, which allowed me to adapt better in my condition, improve my sensitivity, stability and driving, I think I have improved, but we can give more and that’s where we are.

What part did you like the most?

The Salto del Faro Azul, no doubt, you came by a bridge over a roof and you entered a house, the feeling is strange, you went down the aisle and Valparaiso in all its splendor, I loved that part.

Photo: Rodrigo Morales –

Did you fall or did you have a problem?

I had no problems with the bike, behaved very well, I did not have technical problems, I only had a strong slip in a curve that left me with a few wounds, but luckily they were small, everything is part of the game !!!

What can you say to those who follow you in your career daily and in these events?

Thank you very much, for all the good news, since I’ve been at the starting line, I thank all those who supported me, the brands that have believed in me, thanks to all of them and… hope to we see you soon in Los Cerros !!!!!

Photo: Rodrigo Morales –