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Over 30 countries Products available in over 30 countries
Company history 23 years of company history
Beverage industry International company awarded by food and beverage industry


The DARK DOG trademark was created in Austria in 1995. The final concept was approved and launched in 2000. The product successfully entered the Latin America market in 2003, and today DARK DOG is a leading and top-recognized brand worldwide, in countries like Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Sweden, Austria, France, etc. DARK DOG is one of the best energy drinks and distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The company focuses on research and development, seeking to continuously improve its original products, whilst also developing new exciting recipes, in order to offer the best energy drink experience to the consumer.



DARK DOG Energy Drinks are now produced in Austria, France, Italy, and Paraguay. DARK DOG filling plants apply strict quality control procedures throughout the entire process. Since its foundation, the company has been recognized for its excellent standards, winning the XXII International Award for Food and Beverage and the International Gold Star Award for Quality (2000).

The facilities in which DARK DOG is bottled have the highest standards and are certified ISO 9001 (Quality Management), BRC, IFS and HACCP (Food Safety), ensuring that the final product meets the needs of customers and other stakeholders, while complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Each DARK DOG drink is produced with the greatest care, contains only selected ingredients and offers consumers a top quality product, all of which contributes to the company’s ever-increasing worldwide success.

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