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What is an energy drink?

An energy drink is a beverage that contains ingredients to enhance cognitive function and physical stamina. They typically contain caffeine, an assortment of vitamins, and other accompanying ingredients. DARK DOG Energy Drinks do not contain alcohol.

How does DARK DOG differ from other energy drinks?

DARK DOG energy drinks contain the caffeine of guarana, which is much better for the stomach than the synthetic caffeine used in most other energy drinks. DARK DOG products do not contain chemical substances such as inositol or glucuronolactone that are found in other energy drinks.

How much caffeine is there in each can?

One can of DARK DOG Energy contains 80mg of caffeine - on average, the same as one standard cup of filter coffee.

What is caffeine? Where does it come from?

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. As an adenosine receptor antagonist, caffeine intake combats fatigue while providing energy and concentration to tasks that require mental and physical effort. Caffeine can be found in its natural form in coffee beans, tea leaves, kola nuts, mate leaves, and, of course, in the guaranĂ¡ berry.

What is guarana?

Guarana is a plant, native to the Amazon forest, best known for its fruit, the guarana berry. The Amazon Indians discovered the red fruit of guarana centuries ago and originally called it 'Warana'. The seeds were dried and grated to produce a powder which, when dissolved in water, created a refreshing drink the Amazon Indians took with them during hunting season. Guarana is one of the best natural sources of caffeine, as its berries contain about twice the caffeine found in coffee beans.

What does guarana do?

The caffeine found in guarana is slowly released into the body, offering long-lasting effects. Guarana is ideal for those who cannot drink coffee, thanks to active ingredients that encourage increased brain activity without creating anxiety. Guarana has a refreshing and vitalizing effect on body and soul, stimulating and enhancing perception, whilst also increasing concentration levels. Guarana also has a stabilizing effect on the blood system, soothing both the stomach and intestines. The stimulating effect of guarana can last up to six hours without causing any adverse reactions. Guarana is healthy and has a strengthening and beneficial effect when taken regularly.

What is taurine?

Taurine is an amino acid that works as a metabolic transmitter and plays a significant part in carbohydrate metabolism.

Is there a difference in quality between the DARK DOG cans and the PET packaging?

Both the 250 ml can and the PET packaging contain the same product. However, the shelf life of a PET bottle is up to 18 months, due to the packaging used, whilst that of a can is up to 24 months.

How do energy drinks function when mixed with alcohol?

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks is not recommended. Combining alcohol with caffeine can increase the risk of detrimental effects on health and overall safety. When drinking alcohol, please drink responsibly.

Can energy drinks be harmful to your health?

When consumed in moderation, energy drink consumption may not elicit detrimental effects among healthy individuals. As with all food and drink, however, a balanced diet is recommended and consumption in excess is not advised. Energy drinks are not suitable for children. Maximum consumption should not exceed 2* cans (12OZ) a day. *For person over 18 years old in healthy conditions, not suffering any heart disease or sensitivity to caffeine or any other ingredients listed.

Are energy drinks suitable for everyone?

No. Energy drinks are not suitable for children, adolescents without parental approval, diabetics, pregnant or nursing women, individuals taking certain prescription medications that may interfere with caffeine and/or sugar, and those sensitive to caffeine or any other ingredients listed. Individuals with cardiovascular, neurologic, and metabolic disease/conditions should also avoid energy drink consumption. Before consuming energy drinks please consult a physician.

Are DARK DOG drinks suitable for vegans and celiacs?

Yes, DARK DOG drinks are suitable for vegans and celiacs because they don't contain animal products, wheat, yeast nor gluten.

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