Best 10 VR games coming in 2017

Virtual reality is … real, well not really, but you understand what we mean. Last year was the year of the VR glasses, and this year is when the main games come for these new devices. Here we introduce you what arethe main launches for VR video games are going to be:

Stark Trek: Bridge Crew

In this new game of the saga, you are the owner of the destination of the ship U.S.S Aegis, your mission will be to explore an unknown place in the universe called The trench with the hope of finding a new home for the Vulcan population. Every movement, every action, every decision, will be in your hands, you are the main character, the communication between you and the crew will be key. Total immersion in the incredible world of Star Trek.

Gran Turismo Sport

New title of the famous motorsport saga, and first in virtual reality. This Gran Turismo is loaded with many news: more than 100 new vehicles and 30 new circuits. The game of eSports comes with improved graphics and a driving experience as realistic as possible, if you add to that experience with virtual reality glasses, this video game becomes a must for any lover of driving.

Ark Park

This video game brings us closer to the ancient owners of our planet, the dinosaurs. You can visit a huge biological reserve, Jurassic Park style, and get to know its incredible inhabitants, touch them, play with them and even ride them. The goal of the game is to turn the player into an explorer, make him live in first person and with the help of virtual reality a unique experience that in turn is also didactic.


Are you a karaoke fan? If the answer is yes then this is your game. SingSpace is an interesting proposal that consists of transporting the player to a local karaoke with his/her friends, wherever they are, and sing together their favorite songs. For the most timids, there is also the option to sing individually.


For this video game you will have to use all your ingenuity to escape the sinister installations of an underwater research center where dark and chilling experiments are taking place. This survival horror game will not make it easy for you to escape from the laboratory, you must use all your senses to find a way out.

Fallout 4

Fourth title of the saga of this classic of the roll. In this sequel as before, the world is devastated by a nuclear war, this time you will be the only human survivor left in the shelter 111, but you will not be alone, you will fight the rest of creatures that now populate the city of Boston.

Robo Recall

This new title slightly resembles Will Smith’s “Me, Robot” movie, a handful of defective robots are performing an uprising, and you, you must use your skills at the controls, and  the weapons at your disposal to eliminate and stop this android revolutiont. The virtual reality experience will allow you to interact, as never before in a game of these characteristics, with your environment.


Another post-apocalyptic title that transports us to 100 years in the future where only a few humans live in colonies on the equator of our planet, the rest of the earth is frozen. The world is a dangerous place where some criminals and creatures will be a threat to your survival. This shooter offers some spectacular graphics, the experience with virtual reality promises to be spectacular.

Tekken 7

Legendary game in the industry, get ready for the final title of the saga with epic battles in the family clan of the Mishima. Love, revenge and pride, in virtual reality and 3 dimensions, among the 30 selectable fighters. A new Tekken for a new generation. Essential.

Second life

Do you remember this game? Years ago it was the game of the moment, it offered a virtual life to its users, where in a fictional world they could interact with other people, more or less like in the movie “Surrogates” that stars Bruce Willis. At the end of this year Second Life will have a second life, literally, and this time in virtual reality.


One day you wake up, you do not remember anything, you start walking but you do not recognize your surroundings, you do not know who you are and why you are here. You do not have information of what happenned, but everything is surrounded by a halo of mystery. This is Essence, a game of exploration, an extensive and fascinating world full of intrigues and adventures that you will have to discover by yourself.

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The test: Emiliano Alvez

SKATEBOARDER. Montevideo, Uruguay #HeroesOnly

A place:

The streets of Barcelona

An idol:

Luís Suaréz

A movie:

We are blood

A book:

The little Prince

A song:

The Decline – NOFX

A plate of food:

Vegetable ravioli with bolognesa

Your main quality:

Enjoy and share skateboarding

Your worst defect:

I use my cell phone too much

A superstition:

Enter with the right foot to the competition

The happiest moment:

That moment between friends, after skating all day, where we talk and make jokes, until we clash our fists and say until tomorrow friends!SKATER. Montevideo, Uruguay #HeroesOnly


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How to combat dehydration

While you are reading this article, you may have the enemy closer than you think. If you look sideways or behind you, you will not find it, but it is there, ready to act, and it is very dangerous. I’m talking about thirst.

Maybe the question seems obvious but, did you know that when you are thirsty you are dehydrated? Hydration plays a fundamental role in the body. Water is the most abundant component in our body, it is essential, we are 70% water! You can spend several weeks without eating, but only a few days without drinking. Water has several functions in our body, this is the most important of them:

Corporal temperature regulation

We drink water through drinks, food and other sources, all that amount of water must cover daily losses through the source and sweat. Our body must eliminate all that great amount of water so that there is no increase in body temperature, which would be fatal to our health. You should resort to, for example, sweating, which is a mechanism to cool the body.

But what is dehydration?

It is the loss of body fluid due to sweating throughout a physical exercise without sufficient replenishment. Dehydration has a negative impact on health and our physical performance.

So what is thirst?

The sensation of thirst is a warning signal that emits our body. You do not have to get to this end, you have to drink liquids before that happens. Thirst is nothing more than a warning sign that indicates in a late manner that we have lost too much body water and that we are facing a possible dehydration.

Thirst is a warning sign that indicates in a late manner that we have lost too much body water. Correct guidelines should be developed to combat dehydration during our daily lives.

5 golden rules to combat dehydration

1. Drink before thirst appears. Drink water, infusions, juices, broths, tea, coffee, energy drink etc …

2. Drink often, but lower volume of intake.

3. One hour before physical exercise, it is advisable to drink half a liter of fresh water

4. And during the physical activity it is recommended to drink every 15 -20 mins.

5. Watch the color of your urine, the clearer and more transparent, the better hydrated you are.

The test: Felipe Maturana

World champion of adapted CROSSFIT. Santiago, Chile #HeroesOnly


A place:

Cajón del maipo

An idol:

Rich Froning

A movie:

The Avengers

A book:

The odyssey

A song:

Siempre natural – Movimiento original

A plate of food:

Meat with vegetables

Your main quality:


Your worst defect:


A superstition:

I always try to meditate and visualise everything before a competition

The happiest moment:

When I ran again after the accident


The 10 best issues of Canman

Saving the world is not an easy task… and we’re sure Canman would agree! However, because of doing so, our favorite superhero has given us some amazing and iconic moments throughout more than 80 issues and 4 seasons. Looking back in retrospective, we will now choose our 10 personal favorites:

1. Season 1 – Issue #1

1x01The first issue on any comic is the first contact the reader has with the characters and plot, so we could say it’s quintessential for creating an atmosphere that’s both engaging and interesting. In this case, it showed us an intense moment that quickly went from good to bad – and we almost felt obligated to read the next issue so we would know the outcome of the helicopter crash, presented to us in the form of the very first Canman cliffhanger.

2. Season 1 – Issue #11


The Space Saga was the first time Canman presented more complex storylines, and this issue is a perfect example of that. The Death Squadron proved to be good in the end, but in order to realize that we had to first travel to their past, through the very first flashback in the entire series.

3. Season 2 – Issue #11


Alicia gets kidnapped, Canman finally defeats Mr. Drowsiness. Action and suspense merge to produce an intense issue that sums up what Canman is all about: its characters and the frenetic action that’s constantly taking place around them.

4. Season 2 – Issue #22


So far until this point in the story, Canman didn’t get very emotional yet. However, due to Alicia’s successful rescue, we are given a glimpse at the more human side of the characters, because of their expression of emotions like joy, relief, or even love, while simultaneously confirming Alicia’s attraction to our hero, even without her recognising his true identity.

5. Season 3 – Issue #3


In what was Canman’s probably best season so far, we got to start with a bang: Dark Dog City has a new hero – Galleon – and he’s ready to take control. His secure pose, glowing armor and large red cape stand for what a hero truly means, at least in a traditional conceptual way, and the offensive stance Matt displays in front of him shows the audience how much he feels threatened by him from the first glance.

6. Season 3 – Issue #17


Pain, nostalgia and a plot twist that became a game changer, made this issue of Canman one of the most memorables of its run, and as a result, the following issues as well. In an epic battle with our yellow hero, Galleon finally gives up, apparently out of nowhere. The reason? They’re brothers! The sad flashback tainted with even sadder colors works perfectly, as it puts us in Jack’s place in a very straightforward manner, and makes us look at the story from a totally different perspective.

7. Season 3 – Issue #19


We knew the brotherly reunion couldn’t last forever right? Just when things were starting to look up, Dr. Exhaustion attacks Galleon, knocking him out and sending Canman into a frenzy. This was definitely an “oh no” moment, in which we were rooting for our heroes, wishing for a moment of peace and reconciliation after all they went through. Eventually it happened… but not without an intense battle first.

8. Season 3 – Issue #23


Serving as the last issue to close the stellar third season, our heroes finally seem at peace. It’s the closing image of the issue though that makes it work: Alicia finally joins together enough evidence to understand that Canman and Matt might be the same person.

9. Season 4 – Issue #13


The new energy drink is in town and Matt is one of its victims, changing into a green Canman after drinking it. In this issue, we’re presented with the consequences of such action: a drained Matt is found by Jack on the floor, serving as a confirmation that it was indeed our hero that stole things from various places, making us understand that sometimes even the good ones are capable of not so good deeds.

10. Season 4 – Issue #22


Donovan serves effectively as the most vicious and fierce villain yet. In this issue, and in the middle of a great battle, we get to see his dark gaze from up close, while Matt gets very lucky and transforms into Canman at the very last second, just in time to win the battle and send Donovan to prison.

What are your favorite Canman issues?

10 Crazy Sports That You (Probably) Never Heard Of

10 Crazy Sports That You (Probably) Never Heard Of

People can be quite creative when it comes to… well, everything pretty much. Now, if you had been wondering on how to challenge yourself in a different way than your friends that hit the gym everyday, then this post is for you. Below you can find a listing of unusual sports that you don’t come across everyday – providing the right amount of crazy and uniqueness you might (or might not) need…

…Either way, do not try these at home! Consider yourself warned ☺

1. Shin Kicking

If you’re looking forward to get your legs kicked, this is it! Two contestants attempt to kick each other on the shin in order to force their opponent to the ground. It has been described as an English martial art, as it originated in England in the early 17th century. #RIPWalking

2. Chess Boxing

Ever wondered what would be the hybrid child of Chess and Boxing? We did neither, but apparently we don’t have to since somebody already did – welcome to the world of Chess Boxing! The competitors fight in alternating rounds of chess and boxing, in a sport that was invented by a Dutch performance artist. #PunchTheBishop

3. Jai-Alai

Do you know when you throw the ball at a wall waiting to get it back? Usually because you’re bored? Well, there’s a sport out of it – Jai-Alai, considered by some to be the “the fastest sport in the world” because of the ball speed. #GottaHaveBalls

4. Unicycle Hockey

Like the name suggests, this sport consists on…

*drum roll*

Guys mounted on unicycles playing hockey! #WelcomeToCirqueDuSoleil

5. Underwater Rugby

If you thought Unicycle Hockey = hard, then that’s because you haven’t been watching enough Underwater Rugby matches lately. During one, two teams try to score a negatively buoyant ball (filled with saltwater) into the opponents’ goal at the bottom of a swimming pool. #NeedSomeCPR

6. Buzkashi

Buzkashi literally means “goat grabbing” in Persian. Still wondering what it’s about? Okay, we will explain: a bunch of horse-mounted players attempt to place a goat or calf carcass in a goal. Looks animal friendly, and totally not gross. #SomebodyCallPETA

7. Wife Carrying

Wife Carrying is a contest in which male competitors, husbands, race while each carrying their wives on their shoulders. The objective is for the male to carry the female through a special obstacle track in the fastest time. The best part? The prize depends on the wife’s weight in beer. Thank you Finland for such a nice sport. #ILoveMyWifeAndIKnowIt

8. Bog Snorkeling

Tired of swimming pools? You’re gonna love this: Bog snorkelling is a sporting event that consists of competitors completing two consecutive lengths of a water-filled trench cut through a peat bog in the shortest time possible. Simple and clean. #StillCoughingMud

9. Eton Wall Game

If you ever go through England and see a bunch of man getting smashed against a wall, don’t worry – it’s not a brawl, it’s the Eton Wall Game! Even though not so popular nowadays, it has been played since the early 1700s, and it consists on… well, we’re not sure of what. All we know is that there is a ball and that the last time somebody scored a goal was on 1909. Seems like fun… #NotSureWhatToHashtag

10. Bed Racing

Yup, it’s exactly what you think. #BedGoals

What are the craziest sports you’ve heard of other than these ones? Please share it with us so we can have more fun creating hashtags! #HeroesOnly


The 16 most spectacular disciplines of the Olympic Games in Rio

Every four years, thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions, to show the world which country has the best teams.

For most athletes, winning an Olympic medal is considered the greatest thing to achieve. For this reason we would like to pay tribute to this outpouring of courage, passion and sacrifice of these gladiators of the XXI century.

Below our selection of the most spectacular Olympic sports that will reach thousands of TV screens from August 5th 2016.


The world of BMX arrives for the third time to the Olympics. Supercross is the only category that participating this edition.

2. Taekwondo

This discipline born in Korea is one of the two martial arts present in the games, together with Judo.

3. Basketball

Olympic basketball is a paradox: It is lead by the Americans; however, it is played using FIBA rules (which do not apply in the NBA).


Most triathletes meet the ideal physical qualities of Olympic games: swimming, running and cycling. They are wonders of nature!

5. Open water

Running ten kilometers may seem like an easy task. However, doing so in open water is a challenge that only the bravest can undertake.

6. Greco-Roman Wrestling

This discipline was born as a tribute to the wrestling formerly found in the ancient civilizations, especially at ancient Greek Olympics. An interesting fact is that there have never been female Greco-Roman wrestlers.

7. Football

Football is present at the Olympic games through its lower divisions (under 23 years old). A great show to meet the promises of the future.

8. Jumping Fences

Jump like gazelles in the savannah is this fate of fence-jumper athletes.


9. Weightlifting

Weight lifting is one of the most extraordinary sports due to the size of the athletes and the weight they manage to hold over their shoulders. To watch live these supermen is a totally awesome experience.

10. Diving

Only a few people in this world may have the skills and energy to jump into the water from such great heights.

11. Rugby

Rugby returns to Rio for the Olympics, after being withdrawn from the program in 1925. It is definitely a sport that has many followers around the world.

12. Judo

This martial art born in Asia, show us spectacular fight techniques as the one you can see in this gif:

13. High jumps

See athletes jump with such coordination and discipline is something really beautiful and spiritual. Often one wonders if they are of the same species as the rest of humans.

14. Table tennis

Also known as Ping Pong, Table Tennis is a discipline in which Chinese athletes tend to show their devilish dexterity and fast reflexes.

15. Marathon

Marathon is the showpiece of athletics: along its 42 kilometers and 125 meters, athletes prove their worth to fatigue and weather adversities that may accompany this long test.

16. Beach Volleyball

Compared to regular Volleyball, Beach Volleyball is considered by many to be more exciting because of the surface on which it is practiced and the masterfully executed jumps that players have to do.

Undoubtedly, all disciplines will be exciting for all lovers of high-level sporting events. The biggest athletic event in the world is revving in Brazil and very soon the Olympic flame will ignite again!
Source of images: Youtube Olympics

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Adolfo Almarza: “When I ride a bike, I feel like flying”

Adolfo Almarza is a Chilean mountain biker born in 1988 who competes in various categories such as Downhill, Enduro, and Road. Almarza lost his legs at a young age, and for this reason he uses two prosthetic legs to ride his bike, in boht local and international competitions.

When people talk about athletes with physical disabilities, it is very often assumed that these athletes are weak, talking about them with compassion or pity. However, Adolfo’s case it’s totally different. He is a fighter.


From the first moment you meet him, Adolfo radiates an unusual passion and energy. This is why in DARK DOG we have decided to make a little interview, to infect each other with some motivation and good vibes. We hope you enjoy it.

-What is it that you like the most about sports?

What I like about sports is that they help in every aspect of my life, not only physically, but also spiritually and emotional.

-What do you feel when you ride a bike?

It’s the time when I disconnect from the rest of the world. It’s my personal therapy, and my psychologist. I feel like flying and flowing. It’s priceless.

-Can you describe your training routines?

They are divided into several activities: training at the gym, electro stimulation, and obviously riding: Road, Enduro and Downhill. The routines will always vary according to the type of activity (races, travels or challenges). The training is adapted to the needs.


-Do you think it is true to say: “If it was easy … it would be called football”?

We all know that football is the most popular sport in the world. I must say that the phrase “If it was easy … It would be called football” is a disrespect to all football players. I believe that in any sport, no matter which one it is, you must work hard in order to be successful. We must respect all kinds of activities.

– Was there a moment, a day, a person or something that made you change? What made you get up and start fighting for your dreams?

Shortly after the accident, my father and my mother met a man who had also lost his legs. When I met him he showed me that it was possible to have a normal life despite having no legs. When I heard his story, I changed my mind and I decided to move forward to enjoy a normal life. From that day I began the hard work that today is paying off.

-What has been your main support all these years to overcome difficulties?

My family, my faith in God, and the trust in myself. I would like to focus on this last one, as many times you can be surrounded by the best doctors, psychologists or whoever, but if you do make an effort for yourself, nothing will really happen. Much depends on oneself.

– What has been the hardest moment of your career?

The most difficult time was in 2013 in the city of Iquique, Chile. I had an accident where I fell off a12-meter-high cliff and I broke my hip. When I knew that my hip was fractured, it went through my head that all my plans would stop for a long time, and that was really hard.

-How do you think other competitors see you?

They see me as their equal, and I like that a lot.


-Describe yourself in 3 words.


-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself being a rally / Dakar driver.

-Do you think that mountain biking should be an Olympic sport?

I think extreme sports in general should be put together in a single category, perhaps following the idea of the International Olympic Committee.

-Who are your role models in the world of sports?

For me, the biggest referent is Travis Pastrana. He is a worldwide icon of extreme sports.

Adolfo, thank for giving us this little interview. It has been a great pleasure to get to know this amazing athlete and person. Definitely a role model not only in the world of sports, but also in real life!

(Pictures by Dogman Photos)

Tips to have the PERFECT weekend

For some people there is not such thing as the perfect weekend. For others, all weekends are wonderful and perfect. Weekends can be the best time do some special activities (for those who are fortunate enough to not work these days), and we have to make them memorable!

The best advice we can give, which will not be included in this list, is to ENJOY LIFE! And knowing what one likes is the most important thing to make the most of every minute. Resting on a sofa to recharge the batteries, eating with your in-laws, cleaning the parrot’s cage could be (or not) something fun to do! The key is to be true to ourselves. MAKE EVERY WEEKEND SPECIAL!

1. Practice sports

Sports are good for your body, and also for your mind. They help to set priorities, clear your head and, helping us to make better decisions, and set priorities. Remember, a healthy mind equals a healthy body.


2. Meet friends

Having an active social life is almost as healthy as doing sports. Meeting with other people, drink a DARK DOG (or two), or go for a walk or to an event, can be very fun! Anything that helps you laugh is always good. Share with those you love the most your best anecdotes, but also those embarrassing moments you lived long time ago, but you will never forget.


3. Become a legendary gamer

Use your spare time to make some progress on all video games you love. You’ll probably be many hours in front of your screen. If you feel tired, remember there is a wonderful solution for staying awake and alert for longer. A hint? It is stored inside yellow cans with a black dog at the front.


4. Increase your cultural horizons

Human beings are the animals on the surface of the planet able to think and create the most amazing things. Investing some of your time to visit exhibitions of urban art, or live graffiti creations is a great idea to spend the weekend! And if you feel inspired, you can also create your own artworks. Show the world your artistic talent!


5. Dance and sing like there’s no tomorrow

Listening to music is one of the few activities capable to release thousand of hormones and generate a lot of satisfaction. Go dancing. Sing in a karaoke, or practice both with your Xbox and PlayStation. It doesn’t matter! Let your body go as you enjoy to the rhythm of your favorite tunes.


6. Read a lot

Reading, like you are doing right now is one of the most intense hobbies you can have. You can choose to read novels, tutorials, newspapers, anything is valid! From DARK DOG we suggest you to read the “Canman Comic”, which is available for free at Canman’s website.


7. Show what a big fan you are

Everyone has a passion for something. Whether it is for your football team, your favorite biker, or for Joey Montana, you should show it to the world! You can use a flag, scarf or even make a tattoo of your beloved star. Enjoy your hobbies and let the world know about what you love the most!


And you, what advice would you give to have the perfect weekend?

14 Street Art Instagrammers that you should follow

Street art is alive and in a constant evolution all around the world. Thanks to new technologies, and especially to smartphones, sharing these pieces of art is easier than ever. We can take a picture and send it in a second to the entire planet!

As we know that many graffiti fans are completely connected to their phones, we have prepared a list of the top 14 Graffiti Instagrammers that you MUST start following!

1. sofles

Sofles graffiti show a very particular look with a special predilection for the female gender. Absolutely amazing!

Un vídeo publicado por @sofles el

2. vanstheomega

The murals of Vansthemega are generally clean, with some psychedelic color ranges, and with great narrative force. Each mural shows up the artist’s great personality.

Una foto publicada por @vanstheomega el

3. wish4ces

The mixture between the shapes of postmodern typographies, along with references to pop culture, has managed to attract a legion of fans and social media followers.

Un vídeo publicado por CESISM TUFFCITY (@wish4ces) el

4. allchrome

With more than 53,000 followers on Instagram, allchrome is urban art in its purest form. And what’s even better, they have their own own website. 

  Una foto publicada por @allchrome el

5. smugone

The hyperrealism created by Smugone drawings contrast with the lighting of unrealistic colors. This differentiates Smugone from any other street artist.

  Una foto publicada por @smugone el

6. christianguemy

Christian Guemy is a Parisian artist of great success, who has made masterpieces from people’s faces.

Una foto publicada por C215 (@christianguemy) el

7. banksy

This mysterious and famous British artist and activist is well known all over the world. Instagram is his only official account on social media.

Una foto publicada por Banksy (@banksy) el

8. belin_one

This Spanish street artist has exhibited his creations all over the world. Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Holland, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, United States, and Spain are some of them.

  Una foto publicada por Belin (@belin_one) el

 9. sainer_etam

Another great exponent of urban art is Sainer_etam. On his murals he shows different textures, combined with a chromatic range, which make his compositions easily recognizable.

  Una foto publicada por @sainer_etam el

10. jerseyjoeism

He doesn’t consider himself as an artist, nor a street artist even. He defines graffiti as a truly complicated sport played outside with interaction and passion.

Una foto publicada por @jerseyjoeism el

11. tizerid

Tizerid’s grotesque and retro cartoons are his trademarks. He is based in the United Kingdom, and has a huge impact in British audience.

Una foto publicada por @tizerid el

12. graffitilondon

Graffittilondon puts together the most shocking graffiti in London, one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

  Una foto publicada por @deadman_jones el

 13. furiously_reks

The signature of this street artist is represented by quirky cartoons of a young man with his mouth open. Australia is its territory.

  Una foto publicada por @furiously_reks el

14. graffiti_cl

This account isn’t dedicated to an artist in particular neither, but to the graffiti movement itself in Chile.

Una foto publicada por Graffiti Chileno (@graffiti_cl) el